Life Lessons on ABM – #SDSummit Europe


It’s been an exciting week, full of great learning opportunities at SiriusDecisions Summit Europe in London. The content and tracks were highly relevant, with much focus on Account-Based Marketing (ABM); and in the marketplace some 20+ vendors presented their marketing-related solutions.

Am I really ready to deliver “Life Lessons”?

To my delight, the team at Demandbase had asked me to present ‘Life lessons on ABM”. At first, I wasn’t too sure of the title, but given I HAVE been doing this for quite some time, and majored in something as obscure as “capital goods marketing” much longer ago than I care to admit, they probably had a point.

I had been to SD Summit in the US, but never before in Europe, and wasn’t quite sure what to expect in a break-out session on the morning of the first day of the conference. Would anyone show up? Well, the room was full, and to my great relief, nobody left before the end!

In fact, there were some great questions, and several of the delegates asked, whether I would make my slides available. I happily do so. Since I feel the slides without the voice-over might not be that useful, I created a spark page and hope that you enjoy perusing it!

Life Lessons on ABM

I believe, this is the best time yet to embark on an ABM journey.

It would be great to see your views!