Dorothea Gosling

Welcome to my Account Based Marketing (ABM) Blog!

Before I launch into the WHY, here’s a little bit about myself. For the ‘long version’, you can always check out my profile on LinkedIn.

For the past decade, I’ve been deeply involved in all aspects of designing and delivering marketing and communications activities into large accounts. Initially focusing on one, very large, diverse and global outsourcing account. Then, in 2013, I was asked to stand up an Account Based Marketing practice at CSC.

Since then, the subject of ABM has really taken off. Communities have sprung up, experts have emerged, and theories been written.

While I enjoy the theoretical discourse, I find that much of the material out there is often highly abstract, aimed at marketing ‘in an ideal world’ (and let’s face it, who of us is doing that?) or – at the other extreme – taking a very narrow view, declaring a single practice, the answer to every question you ever had about ABM. Of course, we all know, there’s only one answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything, and that’s 42!

This, in combination with encountering a good number of marketing practitioners asking me ‘how exactly do you do this ABM thing’, has prompted me to start my blog.

I won’t be making any claims  as to my thoughts, advice or theories being the only truth out there. What I do hope to do though, is to bring a practical view to the discussion that my readers will find insightful and that will help them to not only shape their own perspective of ABM, but also provide them with useful input to either embark on, or improve upon their own ABM journey.


Finally, I hope that you, my valued readers and fellow marketeers, will enjoy the journey and actively participate in the discussion. Let’s face it, a one-way blog is a monologue – and we don’t need more of those.

There is life beyond ABM, and for me it revolves around my family, our local community as well as my hobbies of photography and golf.  For some of my fav photo gear, see below!

Thought I ought to mention that: Opinions are mine and nobody pays me to write this blog.

Looking forward to your comments, feedback and insights!