Summit Day – and receiving the SiriusDecisions ROI Award

Receiving our ROI Award at SiriusDecisions Summit 2017 in Vegas! #ROIaward

Winner SiriusDecisions ROI Award – Account-Based Marketing 2017

Well, what a day! True, I’m no stranger to presenting about our ABM program, but usually that’s during a webcast, or in front of audiences ranging from 20 – 400. May 18th, 2017 in Vegas was different! 

The stage alone was massive – 30m wide, backed by a 7m tall screen!!! And then there was the audience; around 2,300 people! Definitely a first. 

The reason the SiriusDecisions ROI award is so special is because we worked so hard for it. Ultimately, you don’t of course work for awards, but for tangible business goals, and well, that’s what the ROI is about. Here’s our intro!

Account Based Marketing; everybody seems to want to do it, not many companies understand it well, resource it properly, or have the strategy in place to be able to make it go. There is a company though, that we found has done a tremendous job, as it pertains to one of the thee forms of Account based marketing – Large Account Marketing. So, we are very pleased for them to come out and tell their story, and this is DXC Technology’s Dorothea Gosling and Nick Panayi. 

 Tony Jaros, SiriusDecisions, President and Chief Product Officer

And while there were just two of us on stage from DXC, it really did take a village to get us there. It’s a real privilege to be able to share, to a wider audience, the great work my team and many of our peers in Marketing and Communications at DXC Technology do, to make our ABM program fly!

And of course it doesn’t end there! Ultimately, success is down to managing many diverse internal and external stakeholders and to being able to bring a great network of agency and media partners along with a solid tech-stack to the party, and all of them focused on the same, quantifiable, business outcomes!