This interview was originally published on Boardroom Insider’s blog, Sharon Gillenwater, Principal and Founder, kindly agreed to let me republish it here. Whenever we can, we like to interview our customers and share their wisdom, best practices and success stories with our Boardroom Insiders community. Recently we spoke with Dorothea Gosling, who leads CSC’s Account […]

“Top X” lists… Fair warning: this is a bit of a year-end rant. As the year’s drawing to an end, and as I’m perusing my twitter feed and LinkedIn pulse as well as my inbox, I can’t help but notice the sudden increase in “Top 3 / 5 / 10” [pick your number] things I need to know that […]


It’s been an exciting week, full of great learning opportunities at SiriusDecisions Summit Europe in London. The content and tracks were highly relevant, with much focus on Account-Based Marketing (ABM); and in the marketplace some 20+ vendors presented their marketing-related solutions. Am I really ready to deliver “Life Lessons”? To my delight, the team at […]


OK, so you’ve launched your Account Based Marketing (ABM) program, or are thinking about launching one. That’s great. How do you go about measuring ABM success? That’s a question many an ABM roundtable I participated in, or conversation I had with fellow ABMers, has revolved around. There are the obvious metrics: Program Engagement; Footprint inside […]

ABM and the importance of keeping it human

Today, I want to build on Nicky Brigg’s guest post here on The ABM Practitioner. She rightly points out the importance of content; I want to remind everyone of the importance of keeping it human! When I started out in Account Based Marketing (ABM), definitions of ABM as a ‘pure art or science’ didn’t exist. In […]

There’s more to ABM than adtech – we have to be masters of the universe

Guest post by Nicky Briggs, Global Account Marketing lead at Avanade With a reported 60% of B2B companies planning to invest in new technologies in the coming months to drive their ABM programs, and a raft of marketing technology providers launching new propositions for ABM to meet that demand, it’s easy to suppose that there is […]

Successful ABM deployment requires executive sponsorship

For your ABM program to have a chance of success, you need to ensure you have all the right stakeholders on board and to have secured executive sponsorship. Just knowing in your heart that ABM would be the right thing to do isn’t going to cut it. I repeat: Successful ABM deployment requires executive sponsorship. Without it, you’ll […]